KidSpace: Tribeca Pediatrics

Our absolute favorite places in the KidSpace series are the offices of Tribeca Pediatrics. The practice is the brainchild of Dr. Michel Cohen who follows a less intervention style of pediatrics. Although we could go on about Dr. Cohen’s warm personality, hands-on practicing style, the great doctors and care-givers at the practice and the rapidity at which Tribeca Pediatrics has multiplied, while keeping its quality intact–we wont.

This post is about the Kids. And it is about Space. It is about how a pediatricians office should look.

Tribeca Ped Waiting Room

The designers are Dr. Cohen and his wife, and artist Jeannie Weissglass. The ambience of the office, like Dr. Cohen’s approach to his medical practice, is meant to be comfortable and very approachable while maintaining high standards of client care. Taking cue from a curvy flower inspired chair that Dr. Cohen built for his first-born, the Warren Street office, the first of many, aspired to have a flowing quality.

The architectural language of custom-made curved seating, a street like space between exam rooms and a rippling moulding with spot lights all along the inside and outside of the examination rooms, successfully achieves the intent to make an organic flowing space.

Tribeca Pediatrics 3


Lighting is used to differentiate areas: Soft circular lights (designed by Dr. Cohen himself) hang in playful symmetry over the children’s play/waiting area, while round globes follow the curves of the reception desks.


Circular Reception Desk

The play area contains only eco-friendly toys and furniture, supplied by Rosie Hippo.

But what really sets the office apart is the vibrant vintage wallpaper that is different in each room, along with the silver circular examination tables which are again Dr. Cohen’s own design.

Exam Room

Exam Room

Exam Room

Circular Exam Tables

Wall paper in the restrooms…

Restroom Wallpapers


The wallpaper is such a visual treat that you almost miss the port holes that have moving fishes or mirrors at kid-height in most rooms! And the kids? They love it! For them, the fun of the waiting area just continues within the examination rooms!

Porthole Fishes

By comparison, the other Tribeca Pediatrics offices have a similar design language, but the seating is always different, and custom, the colors vivid and patterns vibrant.

Custom Seating and Painting

Nurses' Station

Custom Seating

Always one for supporting the art community, Dr. Cohen works closely with his friend Pascale Ouattara to implement his designs, textured walls, wallpaper and all. And the art? Well that is also in-house. Most of the work belongs to Dr. Cohen’s wife Jeannie.

When we asked Dr. Cohen what he would like to change in the design of the offices, he would like to create a whole environment for the children where they love to come and stay. To that we say: “Dr. Cohen, it is tough enough to take the kids home right now because they have too much fun at your offices. If we had a choice we would stay back and play too…”

Color me colorful

What can I say-I like color. This post is dedicated to it. I love color everywhere. That is why the Crayola Factory at Easton PA was like heaven. While I spent way too much time having fun at the factory, I did find time to take picture in the shop. I wish I lived inside those creamy crayons and smooth chalks. And as expected I came back with bags of colorful loveliness just for me.

Crayola 1

Orange these nice?
Orange these nice?

Largest Crayon Everr
Largest Crayon everrr!

These colors look good enough to eat–oh wait!–they ARE edible. (from the M&M’s store at Times Sq.)


My Mekko

November 1st marked the first month of Marimekko’s flagship store in New York City. Now before we go any further you should know that Marimekko’s products, especially their very recognizable UNIKKO patterned products have retailed through Crate and Barrel’s M shop for quite a while. But this is their first company owned store in NYC and we hope that they will stay…!

The design of the store space, as the brand, is very unique. Stylish and simple but with vivid splashes of color, it is a visual delight to negotiate the store. The high ceiling helps by adding space. The displays are modern and tasteful.

We love the cube entrance! Note how the glassware forms a nice visual passage.

Elegant dresses in a fluid display.

The children’s area has vibrant colors and lots of space.

The layering of open shelves adds lightness to room but maintains visual continuity through the store.

The tall fabric storage racks highlight the space and the space highlights the fabrics.

They know their work is loved.

The array of products includes clothing-some very typical styles and cuts, crockery, bags, kids stuff and of course their fabrics. The Flagship store will also start in-house custom sowing soon. Keep tabs on their website for further details!

KidSpace: I’m feeling pink.

So what do you do if you have a festival in town?

Food? Check.
Maple syrup

Entertain the public? Check.
Scarecrow making contest
Pony rides

Sell stuff? Check
Soaps and other nice smelling objects

Buy stuff? Check
Buying Gourd Birdhouses

Color the public fountain PINK*?–Oh Absolutely!
Pink Fountain!

Color me pink

*Note: The fountain was pink for Breast Cancer Awareness week, not for the Halloween Festival.

After the silence…LightSpace

So after taking a break for Sunday here we are, back again with some fabulous lights for kids rooms. Technically this post should be categorized under Kid Space as well. But it is about light first. So here goes.

We are in love with LIGHTS UP!

Ceiling Light

Their lamps and fittings are such a fabulous addition to any space. This Brooklyn based company’s fixtures feature regularly as part of designer mood boards (check out their blog here). Interesting twist to the logo: if you look carefully the thing that seems like an exclamation mark at the end is a pull cord to switch lights on and off!!

Table lamp

Table lamp

Their basic fixtures have elegant lines and simple structures, but where they really take off is the vibrant fabrics of the lampshades. Their fabric palette is such that it can suit any taste and become part of any interior space…however you imagine yours to be.





Finally we love the plain ceiling fixtures. Why?

We recently visited the Crayola Factory in Easton, PA (in another post). And now we are itching to paint everything “Macaroni and Cheese” (Yes that is really a color.)

KidSpace: Tile Tile everywhere

So what happens if you have an inspirational and famous parent? Either you become totally spoilt and squander away their legacy, or you carry their good name forward and make it your own.

The latter is what Katherine Wood of Antonia Tile is doing. Not only has she developed and refined her parent’s work of tile making, she has added to the legacy by introducing enamel tile-making techniques and developing some unique designs.

Check out her pieces below. She has an Animal, Nature and Abstract series. She also does custom murals! Definitely a different and “inspirational” piece for kids rooms/bathrooms! “Now remember Arthur, you make that towel rack in my name and do me proud.”





KidSpace: Habitually Arty

For sale now at MYHABIT:’s new member only designer website. Thank god for our love of books! By default we can use our user info to log on and check out these cool art pieces for kids rooms. Hurry! Sale ends Friday Oct 21st 9pm EST. PS-We are not affiliated with and neither do we profit from making this announcement. We only recognize decent art where we see it!

KidSpace: Me, Myself and NYPL Birds

We have found that writing as “we” is not natural. It is not that there are a bunch of people writing these posts. There is mostly just one person, with assistance from cooperative passers-by, professional colleagues, family, friends and occasionally the building super and neighborhood vet. So from here on, unless there are more that two persons who can claim authorship for these posts we are going to drop the “we” and show up as I. Much more personal that way….

So have you seen the new (when I say new, I mean about one year old at least) NYPL downtown. It’s a fabulous space for kids. Spacious and light, computers at the “right” height, bean bags, child friendly low/medium height bookshelves filled to the brim with kids books….ahh heaven! And then there are these birds in the window. Probably the result of one of the many Origami and other events the library offers for kids and adults downtown, during the week. But strung so well. Like a beacon of peace and harmony.

KidSpace: A box for my stuff…

What would you do if you needed storage space for your knitting and for your kids toys? You would probably go to IKEA, Home Depot, or the Container Store and find a couple of bins to stash it all in-right? Not if you live in upstate NY and have Judith Frey as your relative! If you knew Judi, you would have her design and paint you one of her Judi Zuzu personalized toy boxes.

So much storage, such beautiful designs, hand painted, no-VOCs in paints, wood or adhesive, sustainable, eco-friendly construction and personalized-what more can you ask for?

30% off the toy boxes for the holidays, starting today? You got it!




So spacious.


Base board


Read more at Judi’s website here.