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In the works…

This is what has been keeping us busy recently. Full info and a possible tutorial on giving an old room a new life coming soon- once the paint dries!


Quiet time is over

So quiet time is finally over for us. This has been a busy but honest winter. Busy because of things that we had to do. Honest because there were many things that changed and many that need to be changed. Any change starts with being honest…about the question and about the answer to that question.

Without further bombarding you with cryptic nonsense…we are Back (!) with many plans for spring!

First off- home renovations starting with the kids rooms, then the living space and finally the office. That should be taking up most of the time the next few months.

Kids start school- awesome and sad at the same time.

New projects- a new flyer design, some memorabilia and some consults which we are excited about.

Reporting on the Architectural Digest home show pickings this year (yes..I found time to go)

And a new start- up idea that has been in the works for a while. More about that in the next few weeks. In the meantime, enjoy springtime and the awesome sunshine.


LightSpace: Never before seen

We walk by this street about 4 times each week. At least.
This is the FIRST time we saw this light wall. Its secure entry so pardon the reflections of the passers-by in the picture. See if you can catch the photographer in there somewhere!

KidSpace: Rothko but happier

Rothko Tile Page

Presumably everyone has heard of Mark Rothko. We were particularly attracted to his works early on in our explorations into art. Except that by that time he was famous and therefore unaffordable for the average small collector. We recently found an artist whose work suddenly prompted stirrings within–not felt since we saw Light Red over Black (1957) by Rothko at the Tate Modern several years ago.

Eileen R Miller’s art is strong and beautiful. She earned a BFA in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1979. She lives and paints from Wilmette, IL. She has exhibited at several places in Illinois and in New York. We found her at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show and loved her work.

Perfect piece of REAL ART for your little tyke’s room. If all goes well for Eileen, it may also serve as their college fund!

The Medium Series
The Medium Series
The Light Series
The Light Series
The Dark Series
The Dark Series

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Redefining Public space?

Maybe “re-defining” is too strong a term- its raises expectations. One expects a strong, deliberate deviation from the norm. A statement. A space like no other.
No- the example below is not a re-definition of public space. It is perhaps a different expression of it…yes that is the term. EXPRESSION.

A construction zone on a street…expressing itself (courtesy of Le Pain Quotidien) as a public zone.

View from sidewalk

Interesting detail of floor structure- Place it anywhere and Voila!..instant decking for public space!


Looking around for the effects of Candles in spaces. After the invention of the lightbulb, candles are mostly frequently used for decorative or aromatic purposes. Unless you are a bar in MePa ofcourse.

Interesting effect of this decorative wall-seems to form a large backdrop to the proceedings without overdoing the whole “so many candles” thing.


Discovered the “shutter priority” setting on the camera recently. This came especially handy in taking evening shots of the 9/11 memorial. It is a wonderfully serene place. Congratulations to Michael Arad for the design of the memorial pools and the grounds around it. Overheard at the memorial…”I think whoever designed this think could never have imagined that it would look THIS beautiful”

And we agree.

Slim pickings

Apple picking on Saturday (with everyone on the East Coast by the looks of it!) hence the silence. Found some nice detail of a water fountain there. And of course apples.

Water fountain in the city:

Water fountain/trough at apple farm: