Welcome to ASM DESIGN

We are a small business that aims to make Good Design and Smart Spaces accessible to everyone. We focus on making user-centric spaces. Our approach of deciphering the spatial logic makes for comfortable public environments that become the backdrop of human activity, indoors and outdoors. ASM Design is built around the skills and creative interests of Anisha Sawhney Mittal. Read more about us.

Over time we hope to display some of our own work, and connect you to other creative people whose work we admire.

We are out on a job site, but check out our Design Log/Blog here.

1 thought on “Welcome to ASM DESIGN

  1. Hmm… A good idea that…about Smart Spaces. Looking forward to seeing some examples of your work. There is an acute shortage of creativity in this mad world. So a creative venture is very welcome. Wishing you thrill, satisfaction and success…

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