Design Walk + Remembering Luc

On August 1st, a dear colleague and friend passed on due to heart failure. Luc Vrolijks from Urban Progress Design was a great inspiration to many. Although he was new to NY, he embraced the city fondly and the city returned the affection. He lived for urban progress, of the cityscape as well as of civil society. As a person, he inspired all around him to just live in the moment and capture whatever you could of life.

So on the walk back from a memorial service for Luc, here are the snippets of the dark evening, and the beacons of light and design that caught our eye. One can pass these by in the day, but at night they take on a life of their own. We hope our camera photos do them justice.

You may like to visit FLOS to learn more about their fixtures. Note the blue wall tube mounted fixture behind the white oval lamps in the above photograph. It is an award winning installation and is called Wallpiercing by Ron Gilad