Sketchbook Project 2012

So long ago, I signed up for the signed up for the 2012 sketchbook project. And then as all human being do, I sat on the project for a bit. And now the deadline draws closer, and nails are being bitten. So I are embarking on a frightful personal journey and starting work on my Sketchbook.

Although there are many things that people do with their sketchbooks-make them colorful, make them crafty and unique (Check our Natalie Malik, and Riyo’s books shaping up), I am going to do the plain thing. I’m going to treat my book like a sketchbook and just sketch. My theme is Monochromatic. My tools are below. And you can find the direct link to my progress here.

I plan to sketch one thing each day now until Jan 16th, 2012. It will be a thing that inspires me, or just makes me curious. I’ll try to write a little note on the location of the object. And maybe, just maybe, if you are lucky, I’ll post the Latitude and Longitude of the object. Just because I’m a geek like that.

Iron in my soul

How much of our design world is metal/iron? A quick walk through Williamsburg shows that wrought iron and the industrial look is so in. It has always been a vital part of construction, but “flaunt your metal” is the new industrial chic.

For instance, check out the Metal Dimensions workshop and showroom. The Facade is a celebration of metal (and glass), as are the pieces inside.
Metal Dimensions showroom

Sculpture or Scrap-ture?
Wrought iron sculpture

In Construction- show us what you are made of? (@ a construction site)
In construction

Doorway (@ Restaurant we passed by)
Entry doorway grill

Peace and Pieces (@ Mandala Emporium)
Peaceful Metal

Brace yourselves (@ Mandala Emporium)
Metal Bracelets