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RRobots on the wall

Art by R. Nicholas Kuszyk, in Williamsburg. More on his work here.

Details here.


Digital Fix

Check out Dijitalfix– this great digital products shop in Brooklyn. Although Brooklyn’s offerings are covered extensively by Design*Sponge Grace Bonney, we think we may have found something that has not featured on D*S yet ;).

It is the coolest store for the gadget-ally inclined, like myself. What draws you in are the custom chairs that the owner designs and builds. What keeps you there are the high end products that they carry.

Turntable Chair @ Dijitalfix, Brooklyn

And this cool suspended table–I went ga ga over it. The suspension detail is to die for-so simple and elegant! Check out the cool bamboo toothbrushes, and other paper goodies on it.

Hanging desk at Dijitalfix, Brooklyn

Hanging desk details @ Dijitalfix, Brooklyn


Apologies for the delay everyone. Unavoidable circumstances and all…

SO here’s what you guys have been waiting for (and finally found it on other internet sites and blogs): Completed Canstruction Entries for this year:  My FAVES! The awards get announced Nov 14th so watch this space for an updated.

Skanska, USA are working on the actual renovation of the Brooklyn Bridge right now. The team decided to build it, fully structural, just like the real bridge! Since I have a love for all bridges and all ideas that start off crazy-this one would have to be my pick for STRUCTURAL INGENUITY. (Although b/w you and me, they could have worked on making those tension cable “strings” POP a bit more visually. Right now they sort of merge into the structure from every angle that you look at it. I had to work a bit to get them to show in my pictures, but that could just mean I’m not a great photographer)


Here’s the “official” pic, courtesy Canstruction/Kevin Wick.

I’m also rooting for an HONORABLE MENTION for “Alexander McCan” by KPF Architects. These guys won the GOYA sponsorship for their idea. But the manner in which they constructed this giant shoe is incredible. They used a 3 can matrix, lined them up on plans and taped them together. They use minimal supporting/layering elements AND managed to get a pattern on the front of their ginormous rendition of Alexander McQueen shoe.

Alexander McQueen inspired/KPF Architects

Again SKANSKA’s bridge simply because the it is awesome. However I have a couple of other faves in close succession.

The “Loaded Dice” by Gensler and WSP Flack & Kurtz. Why? Because it is a cube so perfectly made! The slice out of the cube, represents the near perfect use of color from the labels. (At one level it reminds me of this cake by Darla, one of my favorite bakers) Of course the Gensler+WSP team is gunning for everything but I think they are a shoo-in for BEST MEAL but also might get BEST Of SHOW. Also, if there was an award for Best-Music-Played-While-Building-Can-Sculpture and Most-co-ordinated-team, they would have gotten that one as well.

Cube of colors/Gensler/

The “official” pic, courtesy Canstruction/Kevin Wick.

The “Root Against Hunger” by Dattner Architects. Simply because it is a really great way of getting a 3D quality to your Can-sculpture and using putting labels to real good use. And their T-shirts matched their idea for their sculpture. I think they may get BEST USE of LABELS.
Tree of labels/Dattner Architects

I would have to say that this one is a tie between Skanska’s Bridge and Gensler+WSP’s Cube.

Actually titled “Hungry Birds”, Ennead Architects target are inspired by this populist icon of present day gaming. They wanted to build something that would appeal to adults and kids alike. I’d say they’re bang on the can!

Angry Birds/Ennead Architects

But the jury is still out on whether DeSimone Architects did a better job than Ennead.
Angry Bird/DeSimone

“Can-tanership” by Halcrow. These guys have been wanting to participate in Canstruction for many years now. Finally here, their idea is simple, elegant and reflective of what their company’s strengths are.

Container ship/Halcrow

The Converse Shoe. Loving the lace.
Converse Sneaker

Stop/Walk sign by CetraRuddy
Stop-Walk/Carter Ruddy

“Ti-canic” by Robert Silman Associates
(These folks also get the prize for Great-Sense-of-Humour while building their sculpture)
Sinking Titanic/

Betty bought Butter

Some cool packaging from Yeongkeun Jeong. So intuitive, and cool. Via Yanko Design

My Mekko

November 1st marked the first month of Marimekko’s flagship store in New York City. Now before we go any further you should know that Marimekko’s products, especially their very recognizable UNIKKO patterned products have retailed through Crate and Barrel’s M shop for quite a while. But this is their first company owned store in NYC and we hope that they will stay…!

The design of the store space, as the brand, is very unique. Stylish and simple but with vivid splashes of color, it is a visual delight to negotiate the store. The high ceiling helps by adding space. The displays are modern and tasteful.

We love the cube entrance! Note how the glassware forms a nice visual passage.

Elegant dresses in a fluid display.

The children’s area has vibrant colors and lots of space.

The layering of open shelves adds lightness to room but maintains visual continuity through the store.

The tall fabric storage racks highlight the space and the space highlights the fabrics.

They know their work is loved.

The array of products includes clothing-some very typical styles and cuts, crockery, bags, kids stuff and of course their fabrics. The Flagship store will also start in-house custom sowing soon. Keep tabs on their website for further details!

Aurora in the clouds

Interesting restaurant in BKLYN. If we did not see the sign we would have missed it.



Blast from the past

So recently we rediscovered sidewalk chalk as a medium of art. And that brought back fond memories of an event in the Guggenheim (or in front of it) in 2005. It was not too creative, but it was real fun!



KidSpace: Habitually Arty

For sale now at MYHABIT:’s new member only designer website. Thank god for our love of books! By default we can use our user info to log on and check out these cool art pieces for kids rooms. Hurry! Sale ends Friday Oct 21st 9pm EST. PS-We are not affiliated with and neither do we profit from making this announcement. We only recognize decent art where we see it!