RRobots on the wall

Art by R. Nicholas Kuszyk, in Williamsburg. More on his work here.

Details here.


Space Pong

One of the really great things about New York city is the Public Space here. And one of the best things about the public space in NYC is that it can be appropriated to be anything. The streets become markets (NYC Streetfairs), the parks become theaters (Bryant Park Movies) and plazas become shanty towns that represent social discontent (Occupy Wall Street*).

Lately we witnessed the World Financial Centre become a sports arena, and an art gallery with Pongtopia. It was a public space, a sports event and an art auction all at the same time. This event was conceptualized and organized by SpinGalactic, NY’s answer to LA’s ping pong clubs, in collaboration with Brookfield Properties.

Public Space becomes tournament space
Public Pong space


Table Art
The Pong stops here

Kimono Pong

King Pong

Designer Paddles Auction to benefit Operation Design
Auction 1

Auction 2

Auction 3

* More on OWS in the works