KidSpace: Me, Myself and NYPL Birds

We have found that writing as “we” is not natural. It is not that there are a bunch of people writing these posts. There is mostly just one person, with assistance from cooperative passers-by, professional colleagues, family, friends and occasionally the building super and neighborhood vet. So from here on, unless there are more that two persons who can claim authorship for these posts we are going to drop the “we” and show up as I. Much more personal that way….

So have you seen the new (when I say new, I mean about one year old at least) NYPL downtown. It’s a fabulous space for kids. Spacious and light, computers at the “right” height, bean bags, child friendly low/medium height bookshelves filled to the brim with kids books….ahh heaven! And then there are these birds in the window. Probably the result of one of the many Origami and other events the library offers for kids and adults downtown, during the week. But strung so well. Like a beacon of peace and harmony.