Its midnight and we love our cereal

Post Super Sugar Crisp cereal box front - Super Door Signs stickers - 1976Captain Crunch - Jean LaFoote - Bumper Sticker before restorationCaptain Crunch - Jean LaFoote - Be Reasonable Do It My Way Bumper Sticker - 1970'sCaptain Crunch - Keep On Crunchin' - Bumper Sticker - 1970'sCaptain Crunch - I'm Lost - Bumper Sticker - 1970'sCaptain Crunch - Got Your Ears On - Bumper Sticker - 1970's
Captain Crunch - I May Be Slow Bumper Sticker - 1970'sCaptain Crunch - Help Stamp Out Bumper Sticker - 1970'sCaptain Crunch Pennant 1 of 3 - 1970'sCaptain Crunch Pennant 2 of 3 - 1970'sCaptain Crunch Pennant 3 of 3 - 1970'sTrix Cereal Rabbit - Vote Yes Bumper Sticker - 1980
Honeycomb Kid BMX Fever stickers - 1980'sKellogg's award sticker - Tony Frosted Flakes - 1977Kellogg's award sticker - Dig'em Sugar Smacks - 1977Kellogg's Character Stickers - Rice Krispies - 1984Kellogg's Character Stickers - Frosted Flakes - 1984Kellogg's Character Stickers - Froot Loops - 1984
Kellogg's Character Stickers - Corn Flakes - 1984Lucky Charms Lucky Sticker - 1980'sKellogg's Olympic bumper stickers - 1984Trix General Mills cereal Hulk & Spider-Man Stickers - 1979Post Honey-Comb Door Sign Box Front - 1975Post Honey-Comb Door Sign Box Back - 1975

Cereal Love, a set by JasonLiebig on Flickr.

Jason Liebig has made it his passion to document cereal and other packaging boxes, soda cans etc. It is charming to see the old, discontinued patterns together. It is certainly not Art deco, but more pop culture-ish.

The colors and vibrancy of his images appeals to us, as does the concept behind his endeavor.

Thanks for sharing Jason.