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November 1st marked the first month of Marimekko’s flagship store in New York City. Now before we go any further you should know that Marimekko’s products, especially their very recognizable UNIKKO patterned products have retailed through Crate and Barrel’s M shop for quite a while. But this is their first company owned store in NYC and we hope that they will stay…!

The design of the store space, as the brand, is very unique. Stylish and simple but with vivid splashes of color, it is a visual delight to negotiate the store. The high ceiling helps by adding space. The displays are modern and tasteful.

We love the cube entrance! Note how the glassware forms a nice visual passage.

Elegant dresses in a fluid display.

The children’s area has vibrant colors and lots of space.

The layering of open shelves adds lightness to room but maintains visual continuity through the store.

The tall fabric storage racks highlight the space and the space highlights the fabrics.

They know their work is loved.

The array of products includes clothing-some very typical styles and cuts, crockery, bags, kids stuff and of course their fabrics. The Flagship store will also start in-house custom sowing soon. Keep tabs on their website for further details!

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