After the silence…LightSpace

So after taking a break for Sunday here we are, back again with some fabulous lights for kids rooms. Technically this post should be categorized under Kid Space as well. But it is about light first. So here goes.

We are in love with LIGHTS UP!

Ceiling Light

Their lamps and fittings are such a fabulous addition to any space. This Brooklyn based company’s fixtures feature regularly as part of designer mood boards (check out their blog here). Interesting twist to the logo: if you look carefully the thing that seems like an exclamation mark at the end is a pull cord to switch lights on and off!!

Table lamp

Table lamp

Their basic fixtures have elegant lines and simple structures, but where they really take off is the vibrant fabrics of the lampshades. Their fabric palette is such that it can suit any taste and become part of any interior space…however you imagine yours to be.





Finally we love the plain ceiling fixtures. Why?

We recently visited the Crayola Factory in Easton, PA (in another post). And now we are itching to paint everything “Macaroni and Cheese” (Yes that is really a color.)

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