And I’m back….Oh dear! Snow….

So I am back from my trip. There are many promises to my self that I did not keep and then others that I did a lot better on, than expected.

For instance- DID: Meet many people, Travel locally, Enjoy every moment, Just CHILL, Eat a LOT of good food, and Shop but only for myself (something I have not done in a while).

DID NOT: Blog as much as I would have hoped- but simply because some places did not have internet connectivity, or I was just too busy doing the “DID” List (see above). Sketch for my sketchbook project (ah shame, again the DID list is to blame). Meet my grandma one last time before I flew.

Of the DID NOT list, I apologize to myself and the readers for not keeping promises. But to my grandma- I am truly truly sorry. I wish I could duplicate myself, but I have wished for that many times these past two months.

Still, it may help you to know while you stay warm and toasty in that lovely room of yours- it is snowing here…!