A Glassy Affair!

We would like to present the ethereally glassy works of Jamie Harris here within the KidSpace and LightSpace series. Jamie is a glass artist with a difference. He believes deeply in his ability to create from glass, but true to any artist, he is never satisfied and is almost humble about his experience with the material. The spectrum of work of Jamie Harris Studios, shows maturity of content, a deep understanding of material and aesthetics, pleasing contours and striking forms. And one begins to respect his ability all the more when one learns that he learnt glassblowing through the age old method of apprenticeship in addition to be educated in the craft.

By self proclamation, Jamie loves the use to color in his work. His experiments with hues and pantones create a playful quality to even the most mature of his creations.

We were drawn to the Mod Series for children’s spaces. Designed to be sculptures, with scoops that show the depth and layering of color within, the Mod could just as easily be a set of lights in a child’s room.










We also love the 2 color glass sculpture from the Infusion Collection which may be famous someday.

Glass sculpture (Infusion Collection) waiting to be finished

Finished Glass Sculpture Infusion Collection

And finally we love the Rock Pendant Chandelier Lights. The form of these lights was imagined with the retro fixture that illuminates it, giving it an almost electric quality. See for yourself.

Rock Pendant Chandelier

Good luck to you Jamie. Carry on creating beauty with glass! More of JHS’s pictures here and here.