Lohri Chairs

There is a festival called Lohri here in South Asia-particularly in the north sometime around January 13th. It is called Lohri. It signifies the end of winter, the coming of spring and the time to plant (or harvest-I cannot remember which) of the wheat crops. We wish our friends and family “happy Lohri” and burn a bonfire with fresh and scrap wood in the house.

Lohri time is also a good time to spring clean your home of old furniture, (non VOC of course!) when many an old piece finds its way into the Lohri Fire.

This is a story of some dining/lounge chairs that were on its way to the Lohri fire of 2011. There were saved from the flames since someone just could not see them burnt. Then they were lovingly tended to by some wood worker, an upholsterer, and a polisher. And the before and after is below. They have since been rechristened Lohri Chairs. Obviously.