UrbSpace: Bike racks

New category that covers urban spaces everywhere. We should mention that for several years the design and use of urban space has been our daily bread. Why haven’t we posted that much about it, you ask? Because we want to look at things from a different perspective: one of art, one of the human scale, one of what catches the eye. In this process we realized that space is the same everywhere–inside and outside. Only the scales of construction are different.

The mark of any well designed space is that it blends into the background and allows interactions to take place.

The mark of a good bike rack is that it is art when in use, and art when not in use too…like these bike racks designed by our friends Jacklitsch/Gardner Architects for the NYC DOT City Racks competition in 2008. More on their design here.

J/G Bike rack NYC

J/G Bike rack NYC

Or the ones designed by Jason Farnsworth for the Easton Bike Rack Art Program. More on Jason here.



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