Elevators and Design

We all encounter elevators sometime in our day/life. Some more often than others so your level of comfort depends on how often you ride one. Elevators are spaces for conversation, or for staying mum; for looking at what someone is wearing/doing/eating/etc and for showing off the same when it comes to you. They are also intimate spaces. You are captive in this space with someone and their dog/cat/mail/work/phone etc. for a given period of time. You are their elevator friend.

It is a private public space. Think about that.

However this post is not about the design of elevators although we are sure we will categorize them in another set of posts. It is about finding something interesting recently when riding one, recently. A shirt. On a person of course.

It is about being “those people” who ask someone, most inappropriately, to take a photo of what they are wearing because we have never seen it before. It is about a photo shoot in poor lighting, with a phone camera, while managing a dog/cat/mail/work etc, for those few minutes that you share that private public space with someone.

It is about seizing the moment. In a very lame way.

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