Back and Canstruction 2012 but in 2013

After radio silence for so many weeks, nay, months we are back.
Why were were gone? Busy, Life, Work, Other Responsibilities etc – you know the drill
Why we are back? Because it is CANSTRUCTION time again in NYC!!!!

Reporting LIVE is one of things we love and the guys at Brookfield and BEAST SOCIAL have been so nice to invite us to report live on Canstruction 2012- which is actually taking place in 2013 folks, because of that superstorm that hit us….remember Sandy?


But in the spirit of giving that is Canstruction- nothing phases these guys and the folks that participate. So what if it is no longer 2012. The show and the giving must go on!

And such a worthy cause!

For those who do not know- here is a link to their site.

So buildout starts tonight at 6:00 ( or 7:00pm) Eastern and we will be there and here, bringing it to you. Live. Fun. NYC Love.