So we have been trying to post regularly now. Once a day, around the morning, just in time for your coffee/tea/other warm beverage break.

And then, on Saturday AM, we did not post. Thought it was fair to take a day off. Did not inform the readers- just took off. And now we are going through withdrawal. A feeling so hollow–for those who have experienced it. We missed you. We missed writing. And we missed the Discipline.

So with all apologies that are due to you, here is a fabulous mobile that we saw recently. All parts are metal. This was made by a pair of Belgian Artists. We are still trying to source their website….Google has not been too kind so far in aiding this search. Reaching out to the owners of the mobile to find its source.

You all, just enjoy the colors and the vibrancy…

1 thought on “Withdrawal

  1. That’s simply breathtaking! It is difficult to believe that metal has been used for all parts. There is no limit to creativity! Kudos to the artists wherever they are…

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