KidSpace: Water Water Everywhere

So raise hands, who all love water?

We all cannot do without it, but the strangest thing happens when it starts to come down as rain. We all run away from it as if it will melt us. Some of our crew had this experience recently in the rain showers on the East Coast. We were taking a walk and suddenly there was this downpour. Amid much screaming, there were people running for cover and huddling under awnings.

And then there was this 3 year old, who could not figure out what all the mad rush was about. This kid just looked on at the rain and enjoyed it with his mum. They both got wet, nice and thoroughly, smiling the entire time at each other. It was refreshing to watch someone put that cloudburst in perspective.

Which brings us back to our real focus-water. More importantly, water fixtures in a public setting and how children react to them. We have yet to see a child who can resist a jump in a puddle left-over from the rain, or a splash in a fountain on a hot day. Many a walk to Columbus Circle on a warm NY summer night finds children, adults and dogs having a blast in its cool fountains.

And then there is the serene water sculpture/installation outside the Jewish Holocaust Museum in downtown NY. That too has its fans. Finally the water barriers/fountain at World Financial Centre. See for yourself:

3 thoughts on “KidSpace: Water Water Everywhere

  1. Thought provoking observation about how we seem to have forgotten our capacity to enjoy rain! But on a somber note, I was reminded of frequent floods in India, which leave hundreds homeless and sick. There, it is water water everywhere…not a drop to drink. But yes, let us continue to enjoy whatever and whenever we can…in a “kiddish” manner.

  2. Thank you Rakesh (!) Although on a recent trip to north India in the summer, we saw children enjoy cooling off in the fountains on a hot summer day. True about the rains, especially torrential downpour. The main problem I think is the infrastructure that is not designed to cope with the volumes of run-off. Thanks for your comment.

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